Nutcracker Parent Information

This production affords your child the experience of dancing on a full working stage with lights, colorful costumes, huge sweeping backdrops and lively props. The stage will be filled with dancers from our lovely Lilacs to Division 5 and they will rehearse along side visiting/guest professional dancers for an entertaining and fun family and community experience.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Stay Informed! Look for 4SDA email updates, check the 4SDA Parent’s Page and the Studio Bulletin Board for the latest Nutcracker information.
  • Parents are responsible for keeping up to date with the rehearsal schedule.
  • Plan ahead! Give yourself extra time to arrive at rehearsals early. Your dancer won’t be stressed, rushing into the studio!
  • Prepare you Dancer! Check your dancer’s dance bag to ensure they have proper attire, ballet shoes and water. Let them know the importance of rehearsing, to listen to all teachers and staff, and to be respectful of other dancers and the studio itself.
  • Stay Connected! Be sure to have our contact info handy and let us know if you have any questions.

Casting & Cast Lists

  • The initial casting is posted in the studio. An email blast was also sent with the casting.
  • All casting is final; however in the event of an accidental omission please talk to the front desk, as every dancer who auditioned will have a part.
  • Please check the spelling of your dancer’s name. If there is a misspelling, please inform the front desk so that it can be corrected for the show’s program.


  • Rehearsals are extremely important and attendance is mandatory for all participants.
  • You will not be emailed a schedule each week, but can instead find the latest schedule on our ONLINE CALENDAR and posted on the Studio Bulletin board.
  • Rehearsals will begin in September at 4SDA and will be scheduled with advanced notice based on studio availability during the afternoon on Saturdays.
  • In November and December rehearsals will be longer, as there will be costume fittings and we will start to pull together full scenes and acts.
  • The Dress Rehearsal will be held during the evening on December 6th at California Center for the Arts in Escondido.

Costume Information

  • Costume & Makeup Notes will be posted soon.


  • Please consider volunteering as parent volunteers are a vital part of a successful production. More detailed information is available in the studio office.
  • Contact Mr. Jason for more information!