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The Spring Recital and Summer Session will be here before you know it! Be sure to check back here for the latest details and updates!

+ Curbside Pick-up & Drop-off PolicyPlease do not park or leave your car unattended in front of the studio. IF YOUR DANCER IS NOT WAITING IN PLAIN SITE, DO NOT STOP IN FRONT OF THE STUDIO. Proceed to the parking area, park your car and walk to the studio. If you have a little one in the car, drive around the back parking lot, or even better, the shopping center, only stopping when your dancer is waiting in plain site and ready to load and go. The curb is painted red, per the fire code, and needs to remain clear. The crossover period from one class to another can be very busy as families come and go. One parked car can be a safety hazard. People need to be able to safely navigate their way to their cars and with a single car parked in the red, traffic is reduced to one lane, forcing pedestrians to go around the car, directly into the one lane of traffic. All too often we see cars waiting or left unattended as parents run in the studio searching for their dancers.
+ 4SDA Calendar: Memorial Day, Rehearsals, the Recital & moreBe sure to check the Online Calendar when making plans for this spring and summer. We update the calendar with the latest events, holiday / school closures, Spring Performance & Summer Session dates.
+ Summer SessionSummer Dance Camp sign-up sheets and detailed information on the Camps and our Open Classes are available online and in the studio NOW! Check the Summer Session Page for the latest information.
+ What Show is My Dancer In?Before you purchase tickets you need to know what show(s) your dancer will be performing in. Some dancers are only in one show while others are in both. Look over the SHOW BY CLASS SCHEDULE, find your dancer’s class(es) and you will see the show listed in red.
+ Tickets are ON SALE NOW!Tickets for Show 1 and Show 2 of the Spring Recital are ON SALE NOW. You can find pricing, venue information and all of the details on our Spring Performance Page. All seating is general admission.

+ Recital DVD: Pre-Order Now & Save $$Cinematic Edge filmed our Nutcracker performance this past winter and the DVD is awesome! Their work is tops in the industry as the use multiple HD cameras to provide several viewing angles that they edit into one fantastic DVD. Order Online Today and Save $10! We’ve booked them for the Spring Recital and they offer a $10 discount on DVD and Blu-ray Pre-Orders. If you want to see what the Nutcracker DVD looks like, stop by the studio office and we will play it on the TV.
+ Portrait Day Sign Up!We will host a Portrait Day with Singler Photography on Sunday, June 3rd at 4SDA. The Singlers, Justin and Tiffany (our wonderful Friday ballet teacher), have years of professional dance portrait and actual professional dance experience between them. They have the complete setup with lighting and backdrops to capture the perfect portrait of your dancer in their recital costume. Sign-up and pay in advance to secure your dancer’s spot. The sign-up sheets and more detailed information is available in the studio office.
+ The Costumes Are Here!!!Nearly all costumes have been received and process. We will distribute them during classes this week. All dancers will need to try them on in the studio or as soon as they get home so we can note if any major adjustments need to be made. An authorized adult will need to sign for the costume. PLEASE NOTE: Once costumes are released, it is the parent’s responsibility to keep them safe and intact. There is no way to replace a lost or damaged costume this close to the recital and all dancers are required to be in costume to perform.
+ Volunteers Needed! Sign Up Today!The Spring Recital is a major production and we need volunteers to help make it a successful and fun experience! Volunteer sign-up sheets will be available in the studio soon. We will assemble volunteer committees for back stage chaperones, security check-in staff and ushers/runners, backstage coordinators, lobby sales, program advertising and more. Behind every great production are even greater volunteers like you!

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