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+ Fall Session Registration!Fall Registration is now open to current and prospective students. Download the Fall Schedule and then Register Online anytime. Online registrations receive $10 off the annual registration fee!
+ Curbside Pick-up & Drop-off PolicyPlease do not park or leave your car unattended in front of the studio. IF YOUR DANCER IS NOT WAITING IN PLAIN SITE, DO NOT STOP IN FRONT OF THE STUDIO. Proceed to the parking area, park your car and walk to the studio. If you have a little one in the car, drive around the back parking lot, or even better, the shopping center, only stopping when your dancer is waiting in plain site and ready to load and go. The curb is painted red, per the fire code, and needs to remain clear. The crossover period from one class to another can be very busy as families come and go. One parked car can be a safety hazard. People need to be able to safely navigate their way to their cars and with a single car parked in the red, traffic is reduced to one lane, forcing pedestrians to go around the car, directly into the one lane of traffic. All too often we see cars waiting or left unattended as parents run in the studio searching for their dancers.
+ 4SDA Calendar: Labor Day, Nutcracker Rehearsals, Classes & moreBe sure to check the Online Calendar when making plans for this Fall and Winter. We update the calendar with the latest events, holiday / school closures, Nutcracker Rehearsal & Performance dates.
+ Costume FittingsMost of the roles have had a costume fitting, but not all. We are still ordering, sorting and altering costumes. PLEASE NOTE: Your dancer will have a fitting if they have not already and they may need to come back in for another fitting if alterations were required.
+ Nutcracker Rehearsal: 10/13 & 10/20 PostedWe are busy rehearsing and having fun! The rehearsal “Times and Roles” will be updated weekly on the studio bulletin board (Monday afternoons) and on the Online Calendar (usually by Sunday night). Be sure to check for the upcoming weekend’s rehearsal schedule every week!
+ Nutcracker Parent InformationBe sure to read through our Nutcracker Parent Information Page for detailed information on Parent Responsibilities, Costume-Hair-Makeup Notes, Volunteer Info and more.
+ Volunteer Meeting(s): Days/Times Announced SoonWe are forming our Volunteer Committees (e.g. Chaperone, Security, Wardrobe, Advertising etc.) and are in the process of emailing all parent volunteers. All volunteers will be emailed and some Volunteer Committees will meet in the coming weeks (e.g. Wardrobe, Chaperone, Security etc.) for a Q&A and to prep for their volunteer work. Please keep an eye on your email, check the studio bulletin board and check back here for updates! Thank you!
+ Dress Rehearsal Photos: AVAILABLE NOW!Peacon Lane Photography captured hundreds of action photos of our dancers performing on stage during the dress rehearsal. George has compiled them into photo-books that that are available in the studio NOW! Stop by the studio during our Open House / Meet & Greet (8/18) our Nutcracker Auditions (8/25) or during our “Pick Up” Classes to browse the books and order photo prints.
+ Recital DVDs: THEY ARE HERE! Not too late to order!The DVDs have arrived and they are awesome! If you ordered one to be picked up at the studio, please Contact Us. You can still Order Online Today! They offer free delivery to the studio and home delivery for only $5!
+ Portrait Day Downloads: AVAILABLE NOW!The portrait downloads are available now! We will have emailed you the download link and if you can’t find it, please check your spam folder first and then Contact Us. We’ll email the link again 🙂

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