Adult classes are offered on a Monthly Rate or a Session Rate.
A session has a start and end date, typically 6 to 8 weeks. 
Monthly Accounts are billed on the 1st, for the month ahead.
Monthly Rate is prorated as needed for the start month only.
Drop-In (Single Class) Rate Available.


Pilates - Reformer & Circuit

Stretch, strengthen and engage your core! This Pilates class is a great work out, helping create long, lean muscle. Exercises are designed to align, lengthen and strengthen your entire body in a low impact format.
Dress Code: Yoga / pilates wear or other athletic attire.
Mats: We recommend you bring your own, but we have mats you can use during the class.

Cardio Hip Hop

Cardio hip hop is a fun, upbeat aerobic workout based in simple hip hop movement. Basically one big dance party that gets your endorphins going and doesn’t even feel like a work out.


This class is the perfect class for all dancers! Whether you are new to ballet or are an experienced dancer hoping to work on fundamentals. All participants are guaranteed the opportunity to be artistic, enjoy beautiful music, and get in the best workout available.

Cardio Barre

Cardio Barre is a 45 minute upbeat, high energy, barre class to help you tone and strengthen muscles in the legs, thighs, and gluts all while burning calories.


Are you needing to let your Sassy out? Looking for your Sassy? Just want to be around some Sassy? This class is for you!!
The class will consist of toning and stretching (so you look sassier) and some snazzy routines (so you feel sassier)! The routines will be mainly jazz based but will also incorporate elements of Latin Ballroom, Bollywood and much more. This class will be a lot of fun! Can’t wait to see you!!


This class is designed for dancers who have never taken a Tap class or who have taken some classes years ago when they danced in their youth. We will assess the class experience and then go from there!